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Working since 1992 in the metallurgical area, IMB, manufacturer of Curb and Gutters Machines, is committed to offering quality products to the customer. Its structure, geared to the needs of the market consists of trained professionals for the production of equipment that has monitoring quality control, providing the customer with a product warranty by IMB. The company lives a new business era and increasingly puts its ability to change for the consumer market within this upgrade scenario, IMB goal is and always will be full customer satisfaction.

The IMB Curb and Gutter Machines are designed and prepared to replace and improve the conventional methods used in the construction of concrete profiles, providing increased productivity and quality. The Equipment feature many versatility, since its production process and the application in the work field. Its maintenance is simple and low operating cost. With the advantages presented the IMB Curb and Gutters Machine, become more efficient and economical manner in the execution of Curb and Gutter profiles ' In Loco', with superior quality. The equipment has the ability to produce simple curb and gutter, short wall dividing traffic profiles as well as profiles of pavement, collecting water channel and barrier type New Jersey, among other profiles to be analyzed to meet the mutually project needs to work.
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